Bloated faces are the nightmare of many Hollywood celebrities.

Tom Cruise, Madonna, Meg Ryan, are examples of how despite being careful, they ultimately all end up with what is now known as the dreaded PILLOW FACE. Clinics are now massively proposing injections to dissolve Hyaluronic fillers, leaving these clients with hollow faces.

It’s looking like the Pillow Face is the inevitable endgame for everyone who is injected for long enough. But how can we avoid that?

We were all promised that Hyaluronic acid fillers are temporary, but recent studies with MRI scans showed that years after the injections the older fillers are still in place. This means that over time we continue to add volume. We compensate for lost volume.

This volume appears to be muscle, as becomes clear from CT scans of the head.

As we age, nerves start to degenerate and we lose the nervous connections to our muscles. The result is a loss of muscular volume and strength. Our faces look hollow and sad.

 Lifting and filling it with injections can only be a partial solution. The rest must come from strong and healthy muscles through functional nerve connections.

REYU is a new technique of Biofeedback that restores our nervous connection in a permanent, safe, natural land non-invasive way.

After a few sessions, you can see the face lifted through a stronger muscle tone and a fuller face through increased muscular volume.

Outsmart the ‘inevitable’ trap of the pillow face, and build your natural volume and lift with REYU.