Your ultimate Aqua Facial device

AQUA or HYDRA devices for FACIALS of all kinds have quietly but surely made their way into every aesthetic clinic. Their primary goal is to clean the skin in the dept, unclog the pores, saturate the surface with antioxidants, active ingredients of all sorts and hydrating agents.

A whole range of associated liquids are proposed to rejuvenate the skin, treat acne , hydrate or remove dark spots.

However, recent studies have shown that skin repair and rejuvenation is achieved through a microcurrent system that runs on electrolytes. They split into electrically charged ions and facilitate the neuroimmune crosstalk in the skin through the nervous system. These electrolytes are freshly dissolved on the spot and contain no preservatives. They act in a powerful way to unclog the pores, renew the skin surface delicately, rejuvenate the dermis in depth and repair the skin with premium freshly prepared antioxidants.

The results are immediate and sustainable in time.

To achieve these goals the REYU Aqua device has been remastered electronically and hydrodynamically to prevent the main problem of all these ‘Water’ based Facial devices, namely the clogging of the tubes.

Additionally, several innovations perfected the REYU Aqua device and propelled it to the absolute top of its kind. A ‘Maze’ tip has been developed to facilitate the infusion of all kinds of solutions in a uniform way. The solutions with electrolytes circulate longer and have a better penetration in the designed  MAZE structure of the tip.

A precision valve regulates up to 10ml of fluid though its tubes, refining the delivery of the fresh solutions. The containers are made out of glass, as not to interfere chemically with the solution. Glass is one the most noble materials, containing fluids as valuable as Champaign. The device is ultra-silent yet powerful, easy to operate and quick to clean. Its design is compact, functional and modern.

The REYU Aqua is ready for the ingredients of the future, while serving all current fluids with great efficacy.

Follow REYU, the natural revolution, and march towards the future.

* Neuroimmune crosstalk in the skin: a delicate balance governing inflammatory processes. Anais Roger1, Ana Reynders2, Guillaume Hoeffel1 and Sophie Ugolini1.