The body is operated by 3 CENTRAL organs : the Brain, the Heart-lung unit.

The Digestive tract. They control all the peripheral organs and cells through long cables that run in loops, back and forth,  maintaining the feedback of information.

When these loops deteriorate, we start aging. The connection to the organs weakens.

And the aging process starts. Compare it to an old house. A lot of appliances will not function well.

Even if the house looks beautiful from the outside. The cause is usually found in bad connections to all the appliances. The utilities such as water, electricity, sewage, or internet arrive well from the street till the house, but the tubes and cables inside the house, are old and damaged. That is why the peripherals such as computer, toilet, sink, or refrigerator do not function properly. By Restoring the connections,  the peripherals function again.

BIOFEEDBACK restores the nerves, vessels and lymph ducts, thus reconnecting and rejuvenating the organs in a natural way.

Joint he The Natural revolution with REYU.