Our body is composed of 40 trillion cells, all Electrically connected and run by central organs such as the brain, through long cables we call nerves. Compare it to a symphonic orchestra. Many instruments play in tune with each other in an harmonious way following the instruction of the conductor. With ageing the connection preserving our harmony is lost.

We lose contact with each other and with central command. Irregularities start to appear.

Too much of the tissue next to too little of it. How do we correct that?

In medicine we tend to eliminate the surplus with lasers or surgery while boosting the ‘weak tissues’ with injectables, and active ingredients

Referring back to the orchestra, it means reducing the sound the trumpet electronically, while amplifying the violin. Not really not harmonious. Restoring the connection is what is needed.

In medicine we use electrolytes for connection of the tissues. At the same time we restore the nervous system.

In the Orchestra, musicians listen to each other and to the conductor and adapt, thus restoring the harmony.

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