Aging is classified as ‘a chronic degenerative disease’ that will eventually end our lives, after decades of suffering. We accept wilfully life-long repetitive treatments, as we do not know of a better solution. What if we could tackle aging at its root, avoiding regular lifelong treatments? Recently, science identified the connections between our central nervous system and the organs, as the critical link. More than 100.000 km of wires connect the central organs with the peripheral cells. That’s about 2.5 times the circle around the world.

These connections run in loops that exchange vital information and energy.

These biofeedback loops are the ones we activate when we learn how to ride a bike, a car or master complex skills such as writing. It takes months and sometimes up to a year, but once the skill is acquired, we never have to restart the learning process ever again.

Imagine we had to re-learn writing every three to six months? That would be a disaster.

Nature protected us from that. Once we repeat a biofeedback loop long enough, the system writes us a kind of software that does it automatically. But at the same time these loops, are our weakest elements, as they tend to degenerate with age and bad habits. Causing the organs to age. So recently, science proved that we can restore these connection, permanently. If we are willing to put a few weeks of effort, we can get rid of  lifelong repetitive treatments. What a gain of time and effort.

The Future is sustainable, the future is REYU.