Every time several options are available, we automatically think we are confronted with a choice. This or that? Left or right? Natural, sustainable but slow vs immediate, but invasive and temporary? The reality is that every intervention on our body has a better outcome if we are young and healthy. Getting our tissues in shape with natural and sustainable techniques will not only improve the appearance, but also enhance the effects of external techniques such as operations, lasers or injectables. Whenever we decide to fight aging, REYU is our friend, assisting us in a better outcome.

On a personal note, my experience derived from more than 30 years of clinical practice, identified three types of patients in anti-aging and aesthetics. Those who refuse any invasive treatments and want to keep things natural, without high expectations of their immediate results. Those who insist on a specific outcome now and do not care how invasive or unnatural it might look. Finally, the largest group of all is those who want a treatment with fast visible results, but dread the possibility of an unnatural look. They are a challenge to even experienced doctors and are nearly impossible to achieve with one approach only. Specifically, for this last but extremely large group, REYU offers the ideal look in combination with classical treatments such as lasers, injectables, and threads. In achieving both goals, the immediate effects and the lasting build-up of the tissues over time, combining REYU and classical treatments is a winning combination for them.

Join the natural revolution with REYU.