The body is its own natural healer. In the Blood vessels we have specialized cells, called Platelets, which circulate amongst all the other blood cells.  When injury requires their assistance, these platelets are activated by the thrombin in our vessels created by the trauma, and release growth factors that speed up the healing process, and reduce inflammation. We call them VEGF or vascular endothelial growth factors.

In organs where blood vessels are rare, such as in tendons or articulations, we try to assist nature a bit. We draw blood from the veins, extract a concentrate of plasma with platelets, and re-inject it locally. We call it Platelet Rich Plasma, or PRP. This treatment is also adopted in other indications such as hair growth, or skin rejuvenation, better known as the vampire lift from the Kardashians. However, nature provides us a new way of releasing these growth factors, without the need of drawing blood, and reinjecting them in the hope they would activate and release the growth factor.

Electrical Stimulation with specific currents has proven through studies, to activate platelets strongly and release these growth factors in a natural way, without going through the whole traumatic process of drawing blood and activating the platelets through risky and unnecessary trauma.

Hair growth, facial rejuvenation and even injured articulations, benefit from that microcurrent technology.

REYU is a great natural alternative for the release of powerful growth factors, with proven results.

Go the natural way, go REYU.