As our muscles grow stronger from exercise, they pull harder on bones. The harder they tug, the more our body strengthens those bones. The reverse also holds true. If you don’t work out, your muscles get weaker, and the force they apply to bones decreases. With ageing, the nervous connections to muscles deteriorates, and we lose muscle tone. That affects the bone volume too, and all together it alters the facial shape. CT scans of the head reveal that aging can decrease more than 50% of our muscle volume and even more of our bone volume. Fillers and volumizers, are very helpful as long as our natural structure such as muscles and bones, can contain them. Otherwise, they overrule the natural balance and create the dreaded Pillow Face.

Therefore, we need to add REYU, to every program of Facial Shape rejuvenation.

Loss of volume of muscles and bones cannot be replaced by soft injectables alone. They are the firm substrate, injectables need to hold on.

Build your natural foundation to a beautiful facial shape, with REYU.