Hair loss and baldness are widespread problems. More than 66% of men will experience hair loss by the age of 35. By the age of 50, 85% of men and 50% of women, will have significantly thinner hair.  But before we look at the solution, let’s dive into the origins of hair growth. Hairs grow in small living pouches we call follicles.  On average a person has 100.000 hair follicles on the scalp. These follicles are nourished by the nerves and blood vessels in the scalp. They produce hair, a non-living material made out of keratin. The same material as our nails. With aging, active hair follicles turn into sleeping hair follicles and produce less and thinner hair. Balding men have an average of 30.000 sleeping hair follicles. We become bald and grey as our hair thins out and loses its color.

All “hair growth products” and “techniques” are aimed at restoring the youth of these sleeping hair follicles.

Unfortunately, Lotions, pills, injections, PRP- or Platelet Rich Plasma drawn from our own blood, lasers, or other stimulations, have not always been very successful. We blame our genetics, our hormones, or our lifestyle for our hair loss. But statistics show that smoking, stress, and heart disease are the major causes. The belief that testosterone is a major cause of hair loss, seems to be untrue. As a matter of fact, bald men do not always have more testosterone.

Luckily, Recent discoveries revealed the common cause of baldness. And it is for men and women alike. Hair loss is due to the degeneration of the nerves and vessels that run from the brain and heart to the hair follicle, and back. We call them biofeedback loops. They deteriorate with aging, stress, and poor lifestyle. After years of studying these biofeedback loops of the hair follicles, we discovered a new way to regenerate them, and thus create new hair by awakening the sleeping hair follicles.

It’s a specific kind of closed-loop microcurrent stimulation of the Biofeedback loops. The REYU micro-current. The results of this technique are sustained by countless scientific papers, available on the REYU website. It regenerates the biofeedback loops of nerves and blood vessels and restores the activity of the hair follicles in a natural way.

Within 4 weeks, hair loss can be stopped, and after 12 weeks, sleeping hair follicles are regenerated and the baldness starts to disappear.

With over 30.000 renewed hairs in 12 weeks, REYU is a game changer.

REYU Microcurrent acts also as our natural PRP, as it activates the platelets already present in the scalp, and pushes them to release their growth factor. This means that there is no need to inject platelets drawn from our blood, as there are 40 times more platelets waiting for degranulation on site. Through its natural and powerful platelet release and the restoration of the biofeedback loop, REYU is a powerful treatment for baldness and is very effective for the regeneration of newly transplanted hair. REYU activates the hair follicles at their core and keeps the hair growing, long after the stimulation has ended.

Because REYU is natural, the hair grows according to our personal distribution on the scalp, as defined by our genetics. Definitely the most appealing method for hair restoration.

The first results are already visible after one stimulation. Seven treatments over 12 weeks of time, will restore the hair growth. Without any downtime.

A session twice a year will keep our lustrous head of hair for many years to come.