Facial Rejuvenation - Natural Rejuvenation of Skin & Hair - REYU

The most complete and balanced
facial rejuvenation technique.
Instant glow. Long-lasting

Facial Rejuvenation - Natural Rejuvenation of Skin & Hair - REYU

More than 10.000 patients
treate worldwide and more
then 5 years of experience

Facial Rejuvenation - Natural Rejuvenation of Skin & Hair - REYU

Long term results. No pain.
No downtime. No side effects.
100% natural & affordable

What is REYU

The natural revolution

Like most of us, you don’t consider invasive cosmetic treatments, and nor do you believe in the power of facials.

Still, you want to reverse aging and get rid of wrinkles while preserving a natural look. You dream of glowing healthy skin. That natural youthful look that obviously comes from within.

Thankfully, the time of revolution has arrived.

We call this one, the Natural Revolution, as the solution to our health now comes from within. In a rather surprising way. Create a healthy base for your tissues with REYU, whether you embrace surgery and injectables or shun them altogether.

The natural restoration of skin and facial shape with REYU is a great way to start your anti-aging journey that leads to long-lasting rejuvenation.

Our benefits

Tap into your natural resources

Most complete, balanced and lasting rejuvenation at a very competitive price.

10 years younger in 2 to 8 sessions is a reality.

Skin quality

Facial Rejuvenation - Natural Rejuvenation of Skin & Hair - REYU

Enjoy smooth and tight skin with an even complexion. Treat yourself to a beautiful glow, and a fresh appearance immediately. Remove acne pimples and their scars. All this thanks to REYU electrolyte balancing solutions, the new standard in skin care. 

Face shape

Facial Rejuvenation - Natural Rejuvenation of Skin & Hair - REYU

REYU brings about muscle regeneration by acting on the nerve connections to the muscles, rather then the muscles themselves. Experience a true facelift and a fuller upper face through natural activation of your muscles. Elevate both your eyebrows and eyelids.

Face expression

Facial Rejuvenation - Natural Rejuvenation of Skin & Hair - REYU

Watch the possibilities

Get rid of excessive expression wrinkles such as frown lines and crow’s feet. These are caused by involuntary contraction of the muscles. Why involuntary? Our muscles are in continuous relationship with our brain, expressing emotions and acting on reflexes. Healthy nerves provide relaxation after each contraction.

The results of REYU

Why celebrities join the natural revolution?

REYU is a movement for those who want to stay healthy and beautiful, by restoring their bodies’ natural connections. 

Hi, I am Jessy, I am 45 years old, I’m a singer, and if you want to be like me and restore your natural beauty, join the natural revolution with REYU. I used to do Botox and fillers and at the time I thought that was the best solution to stay young and to look young and healthy, but after a while I started to notice that my face was no more the same shape and not in the same way that it used to be, I did not look like myself anymore. So I decided to find different treatments to still look very young and healthy and all of that. But without all the injections and all that sort of treatments.

After my first REYU treatment I really looked like I was very well rested, I has a really nice glow to my face. At the same time I could feel that the structure of my skin was getting better like every day as a progress. I would recommend the REYU treatment to everyone, female, male, young, old. I mean it’s a really, really, really good treatment, just to improve your skin, your quality of your skin, and because it works on the inside as well, it just gives you this really natural beautiful glow, and it’s just an improvement overall …

Facial Rejuvenation - Natural Rejuvenation of Skin & Hair - REYU

The Team Behind REYU

A life long career in esthetics

Dr. Karavani has dedicated his life to esthetics and anti-aging. In his 30+ years career he practiced invasive and non-invasive esthetic treatments in his clinic, like injectables and energy based devices.

The Technology Behind REYU

Look and feel 10 years younger

Our Biofeedback loops degenerate with aging and are aggravated by unhealthy lifestyle. Dysfunctional loops cut us off from our powerful sources of self-healing, namely our nervous and vascular centers. However, science taught us how to reverse this process by activating these loops through specially designed microcurrents, bio-identical to our natural electrical discharges.
REYU taps into your sources of self-healing, the way nature intended life to thrive. The intelligent way to long-term results.

Facial Rejuvenation - Natural Rejuvenation of Skin & Hair - REYU
Facial Rejuvenation - Natural Rejuvenation of Skin & Hair - REYU


The Best Price
Offer On
The Market

Look and feel 10 years younger. All naturally. The most complete and balanced facial rejuvenation technique. 

  • Permanent results. Avoid the lifelong repeat sessions.

  • One affordable device instead of many expensive devices.

  • In just a few sessions of REYU, you can achieve levels of rejuvenation that even surgery cannot achieve.​

Harness your
natural power.


Because we believe that everyone on the planet should strive to a 100% natural pathway throughout their lives.


By restoring the natural connections in our body based on biofeedback loop technology.


A non-invasive beauty treatment for rejuvenating face and hair with
a long-lasting effect.

Join the natural revolution.

Once in a while, a technology known for centuries makes a quantum leap so radically that we can hardly remember what life was like before it.

What was a phone before the smartphone? What was information before the Internet? Who is to remember…

Microcurrent technology has been around for decades. Scientifically proven results have been amply documented in books, articles, and literature on the internet.

REYU has re-examined the electronics, changed the components, and powered the devices with new state- of-the-art software. The REYU devices are provided with revolutionary features transforming microcurrent healing into a reliable, fast, and result-oriented technique.

Let’s discover the new possibilities of REYU, before we ask the question:

What was natural rejuvenation before REYU?

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