How to become a therapist?

A trusted REYU Therapist must possess one of the professional qualifications listed in the REYU Magazine: download PDF Document.

This extensive document lists most of the requirements, benefits and indications.

REYU guarantees the results if the Trained Therapist follows the protocols and uses the REYU devices and products.

A Certificate is granted after completion of the training program.

Fill in the Contact Form in order to apply or contact our local REYU Distributor.


    For the therapist REYU represents a one-stop-shop for natural rejuvenation. To be combined with all his/her current therapeutic tools. An affordable and reliable technology with consumables that do not affect the treatment price. REYU is non-invasive with

    no downtime, and has a large patient acceptance and compliance. REYU provides an outstanding educational program worldwide. A must in every global treatment plan. Functional healing at its best.